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An architect has been tasked with designing a vRealize Automation blueprint that includes Linux machines. The design includes a requirement that all newly-created machines be added to the corporate DNS. Which two design specifications will address the needs of this scenario? (Choose two.)

A.    Use custom properties on each machine within the blueprint that provides the details for adding the machine to the corporate DNS.
B.    Create an Event Broker subscription that runs an appropriate vRealize Orchestrator workflow during an appropriate machine lifecycle state.
C.    Add and configure the appropriate XaaS component into the machine blueprint.
D.    Create an XaaS blueprint that adds the machine to DNS and then builds the machine.

Answer: AC

Which three statements are true regarding a multitenant deployment where each tenant managed its own infrastructure in vRealize Automation? (Choose three.)

A.    Each tenant has an IaaS administrator who could create fabric groups and appoint fabric administrators with their respective tenants.
B.    Fabric administrators CANNOT create reservations for business groups in other tenants.
C.    Each tenant must provide its own infrastructure resources and CANNOT share a common infrastructure.
D.    The system administrator is the only user who logs in to the default tenant to manage system-wide configurations and create tenants.
E.    Fabric administrators manage reservations only for the users in their own tenant.

Answer: ADE

An emerging software start-up company is growing rapidly. The Engineering department is looking to quickly scale its testing environment into the cloud. The vRealize Automation architect has been tasked with recommending the appropriate user role for a newly-formed integration team to integrate VMware vCloud Air into the Engineering Tenant. What is the minimum user role that must be granted to the integration team?

A.    Container Administrator
B.    Fabric Administrator
C.    Tenant Administrator
D.    IaaS Administrator

Answer: C

A company has deployed vRealize Automation into its production environment and now wants to integrate it with different components of its infrastructure through the REST API. What are three services provided by the REST API? (Choose three.)

A.    Blueprint Service
B.    Forms Service
C.    Monitoring Service
D.    Portal Service
E.    Approval Service

Answer: CDE

The architect for a software defined data center (SDDC) project is implementing a vRealize Automation solution. The company has multiple locations but wants management to be centralized in its main offices. Each of the cities needs to have its own roles to ensure resources, create blueprints and perform daily functions. Which design recommendation would meet the requirements of this scenario?

A.    Create a single business group and separate the users from the various cities using entitlements.
B.    Create a single tenant for all of the cities and separate the users from the various cities using entitlements.
C.    Create a business group for each of the cities and create a single tenant for all of the cities.
D.    Create a tenant for each of the cities and create a single business group for all of the cities.

Answer: D

A company is currently reviewing all of its security roles and permissions due to a compliance audit. It needs to specify which roles are tenant-specific and which are system-wide. Which two roles are system-wide? (Choose two.)

A.    Services architect
B.    Approval administrator
C.    IaaS administrator
D.    Fabric administrator
E.    Application architect
F.    System administrator

Answer: CF

A development team has requested the ability to refresh database contents for existing pre-production  SQL servers managed by vRealize Automation. The developers have provided the cloud architect with a T- SQL script suitable for performing this task. Which design recommendation would address the requirements of this scenario?

A.    Build a software component to run the T-SQL script.
B.    Design an XaaS blueprint based on a custom Orchestrator workflow.
C.    Design a blueprint and use custom properties to run the T-SQL script.
D.    Build a resource action and publish it to the developers.

Answer: A

An architect has been asked to design a machine blueprint for the development team. The machine(s) of each deployment must contain dynamically-assigned unique IP’s that could be reached by the resources on the corporate network. Which type of network should the architect recommend for this blueprint?

A.    On-Demand NAT Network
B.    Existing Network
C.    On-Demand Routed Network
D.    On-Demand Load Balancer

Answer: A

An Internet Service Provider requires the use of vRealize Automation to create blueprints and application services. It must catalog the blueprints once and share across multiple tenants in order to maintain standards and avoid rework. Which statement is true about blueprints and application services?

A.    Blueprints and application services CANNOT be shared across tenants.
B.    Blueprints CANNOT be shared across tenants, but application services can be shared.
C.    Blueprints and application services can be shared across tenants.
D.    Application services can be shared across tenants, but blueprints CANNOT be shared.

Answer: C

An architect wants the ability to associate a blueprint with the default machine states for the use of extensibility tasks. Which four default machine states could be associated with a blueprint to call out extensibility tasks? (Choose four.)

A.    Initialize
B.    RegisterMachine
C.    MachineProvisioned
D.    Expired
E.    UnprovisionMachine
F.    Disposing
G.    Deleting

Answer: BDEF

Which three privileges are assigned to a fabric administrator in a vRealize Automation solution? (Choose three.)

A.    create reservations for any tenant that uses their fabric group
B.    manage property groups and machine prefixes and the property dictionary that are used across all tenants and business groups
C.    define cost profiles for compute resources of their fabric group
D.    manage physical machines and compute resources assigned to the fabric group
E.    create and manage the reservations and policies associated with the physical resources for their fabric group

Answer: BCE

An architect is designing for the ability to deploy a maximum of 9,000 managed machines and 300 catalog items in a vRealize Automation (vRA) environment. Which vRA deployment method would meet this requirement while keeping the number of machines to a minimum?

A.    Extra Large
B.    Large
C.    Small
D.    Medium

Answer: C

A company runs a fast-growing international business and wants to be able to dynamically deploy to cross- region data centers being added or expanded around the globe every three to six months. What is the recommended approach to achieve this goal?

A.    Leverage the data center locations XML file to maintain all data center locations.
B.    Use the vRealize CloudClient to manage provisioned machines.
C.    Deploy a different virtualization proxy agent in each data center location.
D.    Target a different company region in every data center location.

Answer: B


100% valid 3V0-732 exam questions from PassLeader 3V0-732 dumps! Welcome to download the newest & 100% pass guarantee PassLeader 3V0-732 VCE and PDF dumps: https://www.passleader.com/3v0-732.html (96 Q&As)

P.S. Free & New 3V0-732 dumps are available on Google Drive shared by PassLeader: https://drive.google.com/open?id=10Q-kIefFxxEGsNLeUPqHLNxqZHuBvSYz