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Answer: C QUESTION 103 Which service cannot be included in a Security Policy using Service Composer? A.    Endpoint Services B.    Firewall Rules C.    Virtual Private Network Services D.    Network Introspection Services Answer: C QUESTION 104 Which NSX Data Security role has the permission to start and stop data security scans? A.    Security Administrator B.    NSX Administrator C.    Auditor D.    Enterprise Administrator Answer: B QUESTION 105 A user needs to be given the ability to make configuration changes on a specific NSX Edge device. What role and scope could be used to meet this requirement? A.    NSX Administrator role and Limit Access scope B.    Security Administrator role and Limit Access scope C.    NSX Administrator role and No restriction scope D.    Security Administrator role and No restriction scope Answer: B QUESTION 106 Which component could be used to automate the deployment of an NSX environment? A.    A Cloud Management Platform (CMP). B.    The NSX Controller. C.    The NSX Manager. D.    The vSphere Distributed Switch wizard. Answer: A QUESTION 107 Which two web browsers are supported for programming the NSX REST API? (Choose two.) A.    Internet Explorer B.    Chrome C.    Firefox D.    Safari Answer: BC QUESTION 108 Which tool is used to detect rogue services? A.    NSX Logical Firewall B.    NSX Logical Router C.    Activity Monitoring D.    Flow Monitoring Answer: D QUESTION 109 What is the maximum time span for viewing Flow Monitoring data? A.    2 hours B.    1 week C.    2 weeks D.    1 month Answer: C QUESTION 110 You have deployed a vShield Endpoint for antivirus and malware detection on an NSX network and need to monitor audit messages for the endpoint. Which log file are the audit messages recorded in? A.    vmkwarning.log on the ESXi host B.    vmware.log on the virtual machine C.    cloudnet_cpp.log on the NSX Controller D.    messages.log on the NSX Manager Answer: B QUESTION 111 Which NSX component can validate that security policies at your organization are being enforced correctly? A.    Activity Monitoring B.    Flow Monitoring C.    ERSPAN D.    Distributed firewalls Answer: A QUESTION 112 Where does an administrator configure logging for the NSX Manager? A.    In the vSphere Web Client B.    In the NSX Manager GUI C.    In the NSX Manager command line interface (CLI) D.    In the vSphere Syslog Collector Answer: B QUESTION 113 How many syslog servers can be configured for an NSX Edge device? A.    1 B.    2 C.    3 D.    4 Answer: B QUESTION 114 Which two protocols are used to perform NSX backups? (Choose two.) A.    FTP B.    HTTP C.    SFTP D.    HTTPS Answer: AC QUESTION 115 Which two are pieces of information required to perform an NSX backup? (Choose two.) A.    Transfer protocol B.    Default Port C.    Number of backups retained D.    Filename prefix Answer: AD QUESTION 116 Which time frequency is not available when scheduling NSX backups? A.    Hourly B.    Daily C.    Weekly D.    Monthly Answer: D QUESTION 117 An administrator needs to verify which port the switch manager is using. Which command should be used? A.    show controller-cluster status B.    show controller-cluster core stats C.    show controller-cluster connections D.    show controller-cluster logical-switches Answer: C QUESTION 118 Where is the net-vdr command used? A.    ESXi host B.    NSX Controller C.    NSX Edge D.    vSphere Management Assistant (vMA) Answer: A QUESTION 119 Which configuration change on the physical infrastructure is required when deploying NSX? A.    Increase the MTU size on the physical switches B.    Enable multicast when the control plane mode is set to unicast C.    Disable spanning tree protocol D.    Enable IGMP snooping when the control plane mode is set to multicast Answer: A QUESTION 120 An administrator has deployed and powered on a new virtual machine configured to get its networking information via DHCP. The virtual machine is connected to an NSX network and connectivity has been verified. After reconfiguring the virtual machine with a static IP address, network connectivity is lost. Which statement explains what happened? A.    SpoofGuard is disabled B.    SpoofGuard is enabled and the operation mode is set to automatic C.    SpoofGuard is enabled and the operation mode is set to manual D.    SpoofGuard is enabled but not configured Answer: B 100% valid 2V0-642 exam questions from PassLeader 2V0-642 dumps! Welcome to download the newest & 100% pass guarantee PassLeader 2V0-642 VCE and PDF dumps: (313 Q&As) P.S. 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